Tourist Guide to Lanzarote

The key to having the best holiday on Lanzarote is to be informed on what the island has to offer you. This website is your key to squeezing the very best from this diverse volcanic island.
There is lots of what you would expect from an island created from a fault line under the Atlantic ocean. Most every hill and mountain was a volcano. Parts of the island still resemble the moon and other part have blind albino crabs in lava tubes.
There is a rich history of pirates, slavers, castles and survival. Tough times inspired artists like Cesar Manrique to create amazing houses, tourists attractions and wind blown mobiles.
The North and West coasts are the wild and rugged areas. Big waves ignite the scenery as they crash against long since cooled lava flows. Sunset drinks and meals be a lovely ending to a satisfying days explorations.
The South and East coasts are sheltered giving good weather, calm seas and quiet relaxation.
The size of Lanzarote makes few journeys greater than forty minutes and if you are central then even less. Given this size in any given day you can move under ground caves, perfect beaches, volcanoes and golden sunsets.
Assisted by a car the information in this website or in the printed ‘Lanzarote Guide Map’ Lanzarote is your oyster.
There is much more than the three tourist resorts. Venture out and the island is very open with few people. Go on amazing walks through the country side. Explore the wine regions of La Geria with its thousands of little craters protecting grape vines from the winds. Visit Famara beach and try surfing. Go to Timanfaya National Park and get a real feel for the era of the volcanic eruption. The list of things to do goes on and on and would fill many holidays. So what do you want to see? Sections have been created on this site giving full and detailed descriptions of everything worth seeing.

Lets get organised

Lanzarote beaches:

Great beaches circle the entire island. There is a full gamut from safe and tranquil to rugged and large waves. Sandy beaches, volcanic, sheltered, surfy, lagoons and private. We have created a complete Lanzarote beach guide  giving images and full descriptions on each and every beach. On the exposed beaches on the North and West coasts, especially in Winter, there can be dangers. Take a few minutes and read our ocean currents and rips guide.

Places of Interest

Now we are getting into the real heart of Lanzarote. Peruse the places of interest in Lanzarote. There are plenty of them. Now is the time to make some plans as there is lots to see. See what most interests you, nothing is very far away. We have created sections of great things to see on the island.

First is Cesar Manrique, the patron of Lanzarote. This artist had a vision of what the island should become, respecting its past and preserving the rich history. He made the island his home and two of these are now open to the public. Naturally occurring structures have been augmented into creations of art and beauty with a mind to the islands past.

The next section showcases the places of natural beauty born out of volcanic activity and the sea. The contrast between the tourist resorts and these is stark and hypnotic.

Lanzarote’s worried  past gave rise to castle defences against marauders and pirates. These have now been renovated into Museums, art galleries and restaurants.