Crowd factor – busy 


Beauty factor – Nice golden sand and clear sea


Sheltered from certain Winds


Surf factor – None


Rips – None


Local facilities – Lots on promenade


Access – Parking on main road


Other beaches nearby

Playa Dorada


Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is the main beach to the West side of Playa Blanca.

This and Playa Dorada are the nicest beaches in the town of Playa Blanca. Beautiful white sand and very safe. The beach is very sheltered due to its location. Larger ocean waves cannot get into the bay due to the sea wall that allows the water to refresh but keeps waves out.

The sea is clear and good for paddling, swimming and snorkeling.

Get to Playa Flamingo beach via the Playa Blanca coastal promenade or by parking on the main road and walking through the Playa Flamingo apartment complex.

There is plenty of parking nearby at around a 100 meter walk along a mainly pedestrian only access road

Once you arrive at the beach there is plenty of space to lay out your tower and sunbath or rent one of the sunbeds.

Just behind the lovely curving beaches is the promenade. On the promenade is a nice selection of shops, bars and places to eat. There is a supermarket too where you could go and buy some food for a picnic lunch on the beach.

Playa Flamingo is safe and suitable for the whole family. Be aware of the power of the Lanzarote sun. Always use a high factor sun screen, after entering the sea remember to reapply your sunscreen.

Other beaches in and near Playa Blanca

On the other side of Playa Blanca to the east is the equally nice Playa Dorada.

Just outside of Playa Blanca further east again are the amazing Papagayo beaches. Well worth a visit

Playa Flamingo