Why chose Lanzarote for your holidays

Choosing your holiday destination is a serious decision. It is a good idea to be in Europe with its safe laws and the single currency of Euros. You need dependable weather and affordable flight prices. You need to be able to get by with speaking English.

Spain is a good option but the weather in Winter is cold and in Summer gets too hot. The Canary Islands are in Spain, are warm in Winter and get cooling Summer breezes. The laws are the same as mainland Spain and currency is the Euro. Being a tourist destination taxis, bar and restaurant owners all speak English.

There are a number of Canarian Islands to chose from. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are very developed and have lots going on. If you want an island that has not given in to the call of the high rise and full out tourism then Lanzarote is the place for you.


Influenced by its god father artist Cesar Manrique, building laws keep high rises out. The island has a uniform and traditional feel. There is great weather and nice beaches. On the beaches there is lots of room to find space to yourselves. Prices are keen and people relaxed.

Choosing your final holiday destination

Its a touch decision but Lanzarote could well be the place, depending on what you are looking for. If you want good year round weather, a bit of peace when you need it, relaxed atmosphere and no language problems then Lanzarote is the place.