Dangerous currents and rips on Lanzarote beaches

Dangerous currents and rips at the beach

A rip is the white water pushed to shore by breaking waves that is now going back out to sea.

If you are getting washed out to sea in a rip there is a simple procedure.

Do not panic.

Do not swim directly to shore against the rip.

Just swim towards the shore at a 45 degree angle to the beach. Rips are normally only around 10 meters wide. Once out of the rip the waves will wash you back in.

By swimming in at an angle you will get out the rip and back to shore.

Where the waves are smaller this is a sign of where the rip is.

Where the waves break is usually where the current is going towards shore.

If you know what you are doing and recognise when you are in a rip then you should have no problem.

If in doubt do not go over waist deep.

Some beaches in Lanzarote get very large waves which in turn produce very large currents. It can be very easy to get disorientated once amongst large surf.

Large surf is found on the North and West coast beaches of Lanzarote. Different days bring different sized waves and currents. The largest waves are found in Winter. Rips do not just stay in one place so always stay vigilant.

The number one rule is dont panic or swim straight for sure. Swim across, out the rip then back in. Where the waves are breaking is usually where the rip is not.

Be aware, be safe.

Video guide to rip currents in the sea

Here is a very useful guide explaining ocean rips. Spend a few minutes watching this. Once understood rips offer no threat.

Dangerous currents and rips on Lanzarote beaches

Rip rules

1 – Dont panic

2 – Once in a rip Don’t swim directly for the beach, swim across for about 15 meters then in at an angle.

The bigger the waves the stronger rips will be.

Rips are white water going back out to sea. They will not pull you under.