Enduro riding in Lanzarote


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Enduro riding in Lanzarote

Enduro motorbike riding in Lanzarote takes place along fantastic and endless tracks.

Lanzarote is a surprisingly good place to do Enduro. The endless tracks and low population means care free riding all around the island. Once outside the tourist resorts the population density is very low. There are lots of wide open spaces with few people for miles around. Almost the whole island can be traversed without any tarmac road time.

Enduro riding conditions

The riding terrain on Lanzarote is varied but mainly firm dirt. Any riding trip will  also include loose sand, black volcanic gravel and rock. The island is dry all year except for sprinklings of rain in Winter. Located off the coast of the Western Sahara the temperature is warm but cooled by Summer winds. Before heading out make sure you take a supply of water.

Hiring an Enduro bike in Lanzarote

To sample the great conditions you will need to hire yourself and Enduro bike and all the equipment. The best way is to go on an Enduro tour in Lanzarote. Taking a tour means you get a good Enduro bike suited to the local terrain, all the clothing, boots helmet and importantly a guide. It takes a lot of time and experience to find the best places to ride in Lanzarote.  Using a guide you will discover the best routes and link them all together. You guide can also explain any difficult terrain ahead of time and be there to help if necessary.

Most tours will include a variety of terrains. There are coastal sandy parts on the North West coast riding beside the full power of the ocean. Up by Teguise there is a great cliff top section with views down to Famara and across to the island of Graciosa. Further North you ride along dried river beds and into the middle of the island. It is easy to look around and be surprised at where you are and what the island has to offer. Every rider to do Enduro on Lanzarote is surprised by how good and varied the riding is.

Enduro tour necessities

Most tours last around three hours. Riders need a full motorbike license as many tracks count as roads. The Enduro rider insurance only covers riders over twenty five years old.

To book your ride just email lanzarotecontact@gmail.com