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Wine Tours in Lanzarote

While you are in Lanzarote, we recommend a visit to the wine region of La Geria, a unique volcanic landscape with a reputation for producing high-quality wines that you won’t find anywhere else on earth!

Let Wine Tours Lanzarote organise your morning or afternoon, where they’ll take you to three very different wineries. You’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the viticulture, through short walks in the vineyards and you’ll taste 6 fabulous wines with some delicious Lanzarote goats’ cheese. A tapas option is available once a week and there are also weekly tours which incorporate a visit to a Craft Brewery!

If you need any more reasons to visit:

Wine Cellars and Bodegas:

The experience visits picturesque wineries, known as bodegas, where you will visit the vineyard, gain an understanding of the unique cultivation methods, and explore the wine cellars. Of course, they’ll be an all-important tasting at each visit too!

Malvasia Volcanica Wine:

Lanzarote is known for its white wines made from the Malvasia Volcanica grape which is a variety unique to the Island. These wines from Lanzarote are praised for their aromatic qualities, freshness, and a unique mineral character attributed to the volcanic soil.

The Best Place to Taste:

Due to the climate and volcanic landscape very little wine is produced due to small yields. Around 90% of production is consumed within the Canaries, which means the chance of finding it at home is very low!

A Culture by Wine Experience:

Bodegas provide a cultural experience, offering insights into the history and traditions of winemaking on the island. You may learn about the challenges faced by winemakers in this volcanic landscape and how they have adapted their techniques over the years.

Scenic Landscapes:

Apart from the wine-related attractions, La Geria itself is a visually stunning region with its landscapes shaped by volcanic activity from the 1730’s, in what is now know as the Timanfaya National Park.

Discover Your Senses:

While keeping it fun and informal we carry material that helps you discover your senses and pick out some of those flavours that you may find in your wine.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or someone just looking to experience the vineyards and gain an understanding of Lanzarote wine this is for you. The team are all trained to WSET Level 2 or higher yet keep things fun and informal. With door-to-door transport in a comfortable modern minivan from the major resorts and in groups of no more than 8, the tour is personalised.

The team also arrange private experiences and events.

To find out more see Wine Tours Lanzarote.