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Beach Guide

This is just a small selection of all the beaches of Lanzarote. See the full beach guide for a full description of every beach on the island.

How to get there, busy factor, dangers and currents, eating and drinking.

orzola beach

Orzola Beach

Playa Las Cucharas; Costa Teguise; Lanzarote

Las Cucharas

playa grande puerto del carmen

Playa Grande

papagayo beaches

Papagayo Beach

playa flamingo playa blanca2

Playa Flamingo

famara beach

Famara Beach

Interesting Places to Visit

The island has so many great things to see and do. Listed into categories are the best and most popular things to see on Lanzarote

teguise market

Markets of Lanzarote

timanfaya lanzarote

Places of Natural Beauty

Castillo de San Jose Lanzarote 2


monumento campesino

Cesar Manrique

 Sports of Lanzarote

There is a long list of great sports the island has to offer. Its warm climate, winds and seas create a sporting destination unlike any other.

surfing lanzarote


kite surfing lanzarote

Kite Surfing

windsurfing lanzarote


scuba diving lanzarote

SCUBA Diving

cycling lanzarote


mountain biking lanzarote

Mountain Biking

Enduro tours Lanzarote



Hang Gliding

paragliding lanzarote


wing foiling costa teguise

Wing Foiling

Lanzarote Quick tour

Here is a quick video showing the island with some places of interest.
Get an idea of the size of the island, it features and where the main places are.
Pause to get a better idea and reference places that interest you.

Lanzarote Guide

This is a compilation of all the things to do and places to see on Lanzarote. Its a special island with a broad spectrum of things on offer. Have a look around its a very rewarding task. This  is your  tourist guide to Lanzarote

The key to having the best experience on Lanzarote is to be informed.

 Events Guide

The Lanzarote events guide shows whats on every day of the month. This  is your key to squeezing the very best from this diverse volcanic island everyday.

Tourist information

Every hill and mountain was a volcano. Parts of the island still resemble the moon. Parts have blind albino crabs in lava tubes, amazing surf waves, beaches  of all type and varieties. This island has a rich history of pirates, slavers, castles and survival. Tough times inspired artists like Cesar Manrique to create amazing houses, tourists attractions and wind blown mobiles.

Check out Lanzarote’s place of interest.  Go to Timanfaya National Park and get a real feel for the era of the volcanic eruption. The list of things to do goes on and on and would fill many holidays.

Useful Articles

Top Ten things to see in Lanzarote


The North and West coasts have big seas and are open to Atlantic winds. Big waves ignite the scenery as they crash against long since cooled lava flows. The warm climate and unique landscape make many sports possible. If you can take some time and try a few of the sports Lanzarote has to offer.

Keep updated

Stay up to date with what goes on in Lanzarote. Visit the Lanzarote Blog section of this site. As well as the information on the island that does not change the blog offers articles and news on things that do. Check back and see what is going on in your favourite holiday destination.

Enjoy your holiday

Sunset drinks and meals be a lovely ending to a satisfying days explorations.
The South and East coasts are sheltered giving good weather, calm seas and quiet relaxation.
The size of Lanzarote makes few journeys greater than forty minutes and if you are central then even less. On any given day you can visit under ground caves, perfect beaches, volcanoes ending it all by watching amazing golden sunsets.
Assisted by a car, the information in this website or in the printed ‘Lanzarote Guide Map’ Lanzarote, is quite literally your guide to finding all the best the island has.

Lanzarote Beaches

Around the entire island are amazing beaches. Long beaches, black beaches, surf beaches, hidden, safe, exotic and more. Get the full low down and see the Lanzarote Beach guide. Visit Famara beach and try surfing. Check out Las Cucharas beach and see Windsurfing.

Get out and see the island

There is much more than the three tourist resorts of Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca. Venture out and the island has few people and wide vistas. Go on amazing walks through the country side. Explore the wine regions of La Geria with its thousands of little craters protecting grape vines from the winds.  It is a very special place, make a small effort and get a taste for more.

Lanzarote Guide Map

Monthly printed map of Lanzarote with extensive tourist guide and daily events guide.

The printed map is produced every month. You can find a copy in most hire cars around the island. They are also distributed in many villas in Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen.

The map serves as a companion for driving around Lanzarote. On one side is the island map showing the main places of interest and how to get there.

On the reverse side is a tourist guide and daily events guide.

The tourist guide splits the island is four geographical segments. In each segment the most popular places of interest are listed and described.

The daily events guide lists markets, events and happenings throughout the month.

Keep the map with you as you drive around the island. Its a very easy reference for finding all the best places in Lanzarote allowing you a great holiday.

If you have an event or business you would like included in the printed map or website just contact us on

lanzarote guide map events march 2019