Crowd factor – Medium


Beauty factor – White sand and blue lagoons


Sheltered from winds when in the rock shelters


Surf factor – zero. waves are stopped by surrounding rocks and reefs


Rips – None, very safe.

Caleton Blanco Beach

Caleton Blanco is a real hidden jewel in the Lanzarote beach armoury. Found along the North Coast of Lanzarote, there is ample parking along a short track.

This is a very safe beach for all the family. Characterised by linked lagoons all protected from the sea. The sand is very white making the water colour a fantastic opalescent blue.

As the tide rises and lowers the lagoon get deeper and shallower but there is always plenty of room and enough depth to swim and snorkel.

The beach is popular but there is always space for all. Even on windy days there are small rock shelters to sun bathe in.