Stunning views

Cesar Manrique designed

Amazing house


Bar and food

Ample parking

Entrance fee

Mirador del Rio

Cesar Manrique created house on the very edge of a huge cliff.

This Cesar Manrique house is one of the Lanzarote Higlights and well worth a visit. You will need a hire car and take a Northern Excursion coach trip.

Standby to have your breath taken away. If you had to design a dream home this could well be it. Perched on the edge of a 500 meter cliff sits this amazing property.

Dramatic views across the strait between Lanzarote and La Graciosa and on across the island.

Mirador mean look out and Rio is the strait between the islands.

The house consists of a main room with a bar which has floor to ceiling windows giving face to those views. Outside is a terrace again showing off the view.

There is a small entrance fee and ample parking.


At almost the Norther and highest point of Lanzarote. Just above Orzola and near the town of Ye

And After?

If you are hungry there is a bar/restaurant nearby in the town of Ye or a ten minute drive will take you to Orzola where there is a large selection of places to eat and drink and even visit the lovely Orzola beach

Mirador del Rio