Crowd factor – low


Beauty factor – Black sand, rugged


Sheltered from few winds


Surf factor – Large and wild especially in Winter


Rips – Yes


Local facilities – None


Access – Parking in car park at North end of beach

Janubio beach

The wild black volcanic sand beach of Janubio.

Backed by a large lagoon and salt factory is this rugged Lanzarote beach.

Access is from the car park at the North end. This is long beach very different to many of the others. The sand is black and the sea can be wild.

Entry to the water can be across rocks and down a steep sand incline. Mainly in Winter but also in Summer waves can be big and currents strong. Take good care and be alert.

Its a lovely beach with Sunset views.

There are no local facilities so take your own food and water.

Playa del Janubio