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Art Gallery

Cesar Manrique created


Water situated sculptures

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Castillo de San Jose

Castle overlooking the port in Arrecife.


1776 Lanzarote was going through an extremely tough time. Droughts and volcanic eruptions created a famine on Lanzarote. The eruptions of 1730 in the Timanfaya area laid waste to on of the major agricultural areas.

To create work and improve defences Charles the third of Spain decided to build the Castillo de San Jose. It was also known as the Fortaleza de Hambre or Hunger Fortress because of its roll in helping out against the famine victims.

The castle is set on small cliffs on the edge of Puerto Naos sighted along the main inlet from the ocean. The Seward side is curved and land side straight. The land side has two small turrets a drawbridge and moat.

Cesar Manrique converted the castle into an art gallery in the 70’s. 1976 saw its grand opening as the International Museum of Contemporary Art. Art by famous Spanish artists like Miro, Sempere and Tapies can be found inside.

The large sea front annexe was made into an amazing restaurant. The whole front looking over the harbour is made of glass giving great views of the harbour.

In the shallow waters in front of the restaurant are horse sculptures.

Lunch and evening meal in the open plan wooden floored restaurant are a must.

Castillo de San Jose