surf lessons in lanzarote

Surfing Lessons in Lanzarote

• Book your lessons

• Arrive at surf school

• Get surfboard and wetsuit

• Go to beach

• Learn from instructor

• Go surfing

Surf Lessons in Lanzarote

If one of your dreams is to experience the joy of surfing then some surf lessons in Lanzarote is the perfect way to start.
With the aid of a surf school and surf instructor you could be riding the waves on your very first lesson.

Lanzarote has numerous beautiful beaches, warm seas, great weather and dependable surfing conditions that create the right place for you to take surfing lessons.

Surfing is a magical and rewarding sport. Being in the ocean with your surf board gives an extraordinary sense of satisfaction. Standing up and riding the surf will create memories to last a life time.

Watching the power and beauty of waves rolling in to shore is a great experience. Learn the skills it takes to catch a wave and actually ride it is something everyone should enjoy.

If you want to learn surfing then organising some surf lessons is easy. Just contact a surf school in Lanzarote and organise lessons with a Lanzarote surf school.

Phone or email the surf school and agree on a time and day for you to meet and start your lessons.

Surfing lessons typically last a two hours. You meet on the agreed morning at the surf school. Get fitted with the correctly sized wetsuit and surf board. Head off to the best beach for that days surfing conditions.

Your surf instructor will go through all the aspects of surfing. You will receive full instructions on how to surf. The lessons will cover how to put on your wetsuit, how to catch a wave, going along on the wave and how to actually stand up and surf.
Dangers such as rip currents will also be covered.
Once the pre surf instructions are completed you will then enter the sea and take to the waves under the careful eye of your instructor.

Your surf lesson in Lanzarote will continue with your instructors constant watchful eye and guidance.
The instructors will give tips on how to make improvements on your technique and guide to you surfing your first wave.

The time and amount of lessons each person needs to learn to surf changes from person to person. Most people stand up and ride a wave on their first lesson.

Extra time, lessons and experience will help you to learn how to stand up and control a surf board. You will also learn about the ocean, where the waves break, dangerous conditions, wave size and power that suit your level.

You will probably make some new friends in your surf group. Share laughs and experiences with other members of your surfing lesson. Surfing is a fun sport that will also enhance your health, fitness and reduce stress. Leave your worries on the land and take to the waves.

Cost of a surf lesson in Lanzarote

The price of a 2 hour surf lesson in Lanzarote including surf board, wetsuit and instructor is 50 euros
For a full day lesson of 4 hours the price is 70 euros

Full surf courses are also available
Three day surf courses in Lanzarote on Famara beach of 12 hours are 200 euros
Seven days of surf lessons again of four hours per day are 420 euros

Who can take surf lessons?

Age limits for surfing lessons are from eight years old right up to adults.
You do not need to be super fit, just a basic level of fitness will help.
The lessons start with very easy to learn equipment that will quickly grow your confidence and ability in the surf.

How long until I can surf on my own

Once you know the basics and are aware of all safety issues then you can go surfing in Lanzarote. Where you surf and what sort of waves you surf in needs careful consideration. Surfing is a life long journey. There is always someone better and always someone worse at the sport than you.

Remember the best surfer is the one having the most fun.