papagayo beach with restaurant

Playa Blanca highlights

The Papagayo Beaches

Town of Playa

Flamingo and Playa Dorada

Ferry port with ferries to Corralejo

Marina Rubicon.

Sea front promenade

Shopping area in centre of town


Playa Blanca tourist information guide

Follow our tourist information guide and make the most of your holiday in Playa Blanca.

Use this guide to find out all you need to know about this lovely town on the Southern tip of Lanzarote.
Where to stay, whats beaches to visit, areas to eat, sunbathe and relax are all decisions that could enhance your holiday in Playa Blanca. Read on and make your holiday the most enjoyable you can.

Drive time to Playa Blanca from the airport is around thirty minutes. The town has many different areas that are close to certain beaches, shops and areas to eat or just sit and watch.

The main attractions of Playa Blanca are:-

• The Papagayo Beaches on the Eastern edge of Playa Blanca
• Two nice beaches in town of Playa Flamingo and Playa Dorada
• The Ferry port with ferries running all day to Corralejo in Fuerteventura with some nice bars nearby.
• The Marina Rubicon. Shops, ships and restaurants.
• Sea front promenade stretching full width of town.
• Pedestrian only shopping area in centre of town.
• Aquapark
• Open spacious feel
• Good quality accommodation
• A few beach front high quality hotels, lots of villas with pools and apartments on complexes of varying prices.

Below find more detail on all the things worth doing and places worth visiting in Playa Blanca.

Playa Blanca is the sort of place that people fall in love with. It suits couples, families and more senior visitors best.

Do I need a hire car for my holiday in Playa Blanca?

Playa Blanca is more spread out than Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise. Depending on where you stay a hire car is not necessary. If your holiday accommodation is a private villa a hire car might be a good idea. The shops and beaches may be a little too far away to comfortably walk. Hire cars are very reasonably priced in Lanzarote. If you decide to get a hire car then pick it up and drop it off at the airport, that way you save a 50 euro taxi fare each way to Playa Blanca.

Guide to Getting around Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is not a huge town but to walk from one end to the other is a good forty five minutes. There is a great sea front promenade that give access to most of the rest of town including the town centre, beaches, the ferry port, the marina an Papagayo beaches.

If you wish to explore outside your close neighbourhood you may want a faster form of transport.

A hire car is a good option. These are available in Playa Blanca and also at the airport. Best method to secure a hire car for all or a few days of your holiday is to book online.

If you are looking to just explore Playa Blanca and the local areas then a bicycle might suit you. The road are not very busy an distances in town not too far by bike.

Scooters and motorbikes are available to hire in Playa Blanca and in the dependable dry and warm weather can be a nice option.

Playa Blanca Locations Guide

The town is well laid out with a main road that loosely follows the coast from West to East. A sea front promenade goes from the West to the East of Playa Blanca.

El Faro (the lighthouse)
At the Western end of town is Faro Park and the light house. The area has some small rocky and not very safe beaches. Rental properties are mainly villas with pools for more luxury accommodation. There are some shops and facilities at this end of town as well but not very much.

playa flamingo playa blanca
playa flamingo playa blanca

Playa Flamingo
Moving East we come to the area with an Aquapark and smaller villas for rent. The sheltered beach and complex of Playa Flamingo is here plus some great beach front hotels.

Playa Flamingo beach is a lovely white sand sheltered beach with sea wall keeping out dangerous waves and currents. On the promenade passing the beach are a number of shops and places to eat. After a hard days sunbathing and swimming retire to a restaurant table on the side of the promenade and enjoy some well earned sustenance.

If you just want a simple holiday and stay in one nice area then it is possible here.

Ferry Port
Next location eastward along the coast is the Ferry Port area. Some lovely bars can be found here with a reasonably sized supermarket. The popular complex of Puerto Chico with varying sized accommodation is here. If you fancy exploring another island you can hop on a fast ferry with a twenty minute journey time to the Northerly Fuerteventura town of Corralejo.
You can walk to both the town centre beach and Playa Flamingo within a few minutes.

Town Centre
East again is Playa Blanca Town Centre. There is pedestrian only shopping area with seafront promenade, bars and restaurants. Great place to shop, sit, eat and watch ferries coming and going. The town centre beach is here. This is a safe beach.

playa dorada playa blanca view to marina
playa dorada playa blanca view to marina

Playa Dorada
Good parking for beach in the Centro commercial Papagayo shopping centre.
Nice place to swim, sunbath with food and drinks from the beach adjacent shopping centre.
The beach is nice golden sand. Swimming is safe. You are close to local facilities plus the Marina Rubicon a short walk along the promenade.

Marina Rubicon
Not just a marina full of lovely yachts and boats to look at. There is a large shopping centre plus a quay side shopping area with bars and restaurants great to relax and watch the world go by. Water front bars with table set outside great all day and especially around sunset. Nearly is the Volcan five star hotel. Nice relaxed ambience and great place to spend an evening.

Las Coloradas
Safe communal area with a commercial centre with some nice shops, bars and restaurants.
Secluded beach marking the end of the Playa Blanca Promenade. Access by foot and car to Papagayo beaches. Good beach front four star hotel and lots of nice villas. Probably need a hire car to stay here, town centre around a twenty minute walk but does have some shops and places to eat.

Papagayo Beaches
Arguable the best beaches in Lanzarote. Series of amazing golden sand beaches, many linking up at low tide. The beaches face South meaning the are sheltered from the prevailing wind in Lanzarote. At the last beach is an amazing sunset bar.

Playa Blanca Tourist guide summary

Playa Blanca has a lot going for it. A lovely Marina, ferry to Fuerteventura, high quality accommodation, good roads and access, an aqua park, and loads more. Amazing and safe beaches both in town and just outside.
Probably the most important consideration to sum up the town as a whole and as a holiday destination is the overall vibe and feel. The vibe and feel of Playa Blanca is well spaced out quality town all self contained in its own part of the island. The only possible negatives for certain age groups could be its few late night partying facilities. Being on the souther tip of Lanzarote its a longer drive to see other parts of the island, this is only a matter of fifteen to twenty minutes though.
Playa Blanca is loved by many visitors whom happily return to their home from home in Playa Blanca every year.