Crowd factor – Medium, busier and weekends


Beauty factor – Medium


Does not get too much wind due to shelter from town


Surf factor – Yes there can be surf in winter.


Rips – Some if surf is present.

Arrieta beach, Playa Garita

This is a nice safe family beach, especially at the North end.

Parking via the beach car park at the North end and the restaurant car park in the middle of the beach.

There are lots of facilities nearby including toilets, cafes, restaurants, petrol garage and supermarket plus all the facilities in Arrieta town itself.

The beach does get surf, mainly in winter. As always if there are waves be careful of rips.

The water can be a little mirky so snorkelling is not very good.

Crowds grow at the weekend as the Lanzarote residents like this beach and all the cafes nearby.