SCUBA Diving locations in Lanzarote


Puerto del Carmen

Playa Blanca

Charco del Palo

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SCUBA Diving in Lanzarote

The clear Atlantic waters around Lanzarote off amazing SCUBA diving conditions. They are home to amazing reefs, caves, museums, fish and water life.

SCUBA diving in Lanzarote is has so many practitioners for many very good reasons. The sea is warm and clear. Its literally teaming with ocean life. There are loads of good dive spots that have clear water under most weather conditions.

Lanzarote Dive Sites

Playa Blanca:

Playa Dorada and Museo Atlantico

SUBA dives start at Playa Dorada because of the ample space, easy parking and entrance to the sea. Easy acclimatization in the bay area then swimming outside the break water. Here the water is very clear and there is a great variety of fish including Barracudas, Sea Bream, Sardines, Tuna, Angel Sharks, Rays and many many more .  An original feature is the Worlds only underwater museum. On the sea bed some fourteen meters below the surface lay sculptures. Created from live Lanzarote residents moulds were taken and turned into ocean floor art. Since installation sea life has populated the area quickly creating a special and unique dive experience.

museo atlantico lanzarote

Playa Flamingo

This is a nice and easy dive up to eighteen meters in depth. Starting on the Playa Flamingo beach divers head out past the beach break water. Once clear of the beach itself the water is reliably clear with plenty on offer. Beginner to expert divers enjoy this site as the variety and density of sea live and under water fauna is expansive.  There are huge fish schools, groupers, cardinal fish, tuna and dolphins.

SCUBA dive Playa Flamingo

Puerto del Carmen:

Playa Chica

This small and sheltered beach in Puerto del Carmen offers a big SCUBA surprise. Immersing yourself in this sheltered bay offers an instant surprise. Loads of silver sea bream are present from ankle depth. Heading outside the bay area and into deeper waters are several diving treats.

The Blue Hole

Firstly is the ‘Blue Hole’ at a depth of twenty to thirty meters. Billed as Lanzarote’s most known dive site. Its a large cave you enter through the hole, dive through the cave then exit. The clear blue sea is a shelter to many fish including Groupers, Sharks, Rays and other large underwater species. Dive depth at this site is twenty four to thirty meters.

Blue Hole SCUBA puerto del carmen

The Cathedral, Playa Chica

You can swim to this site from the Playa Chica beach. Depth is twenty four to thirty meters. Many divers frequent this site because there is so much to see on the way as well as the large house grouper. On the way is a rare deep water black coral, an eel sanctuary and many different species of fish. An old boat wreck lays over a small ledge. Water quality is generally good.

the cathedral scuba lanzarote

Other Scuba diving sites in Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen does have the lions share of good dive sites with lots of wrecks and caves. Other good spots are Mala, Arrecife and many more.