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Puerto del Carmen quick facts:-

Main tourist resort of Lanzarote

Beauty factor – golden sand, warm water and weather

Great Night life

Lots to do

11 beaches

Old Town Harbour in the South

Matagorda in the North

Suitable for tourists of all ages

Puerto del Carmen tourist information guide

All you need to know for your holiday in Puerto del Carmen

This Puerto del Carmen tourist guide will inform you about Lanzarote’s most popular holiday resort. Find where to go, where to stay and what to do.

If you are thinking of having a holiday in Puerto del Carmen or already visited and want to know more then please read on. Our informative guide will explain the whole town, its beaches, shops, access plus the pros and cons of accommodation and spending your holiday in each area.

Quick guide to Puerto del Carmen

In brief Puerto del Carmen grew from a fishing village then spread North some five kilometres along the coast. Each area has a different character and elements that will suit different people.

Holiday makers love Puerto del Carmen for its amazing and consistent good weather, beautiful beaches, warm and crystal clear water, safe swimming conditions and how everything is close at hand.

For a perfect holiday in the sun you just need to arrive at Arrecife airport. Take a ten minute taxi journey to your accommodation, then just relax and enjoy a great holiday.

There are no language barriers, no driving or traffic jams, no stress or cold weather. Just sun, sea and pure relaxation.

All the accommodation in Puerto del Carmen is within a ten minute walk of a beach. In total there are over ten beaches each with a different character.

Food shopping guide to Puerto del Carmen

If you want to do a big supermarket shop the biggest supermarket is Lidl’s. Its is located on Call Juan Carlos I and opens at 8am. You may need a car or Taxi do get to and from your accommodation.
There are also lots of smaller supermarkets dotted around Puerto del Carmen. The Spa supermarkets are well stocked with reasonable prices.
The biggest shopping centre in Puerto del Carmen is the Biosfera Centre. There is a supermarket, loads of good clothes and shoe shops plus some nice places to eat and drink, even a McDonalds.

Access guide to Puerto del Carmen

There is the beach road or ‘strip’ which runs from the Fariones area in the South up to Matagorda to the North. This gets busy and sometimes a little congested. There is parking on this road but in the central areas spaces are sought after. Inland there is a much faster and less congested set of access roads with smaller roads heading back to the beach and where you want to go. These roads can be a little confusing if you are using a hire car but you soon get the hang of the one way systems.

Getting around Puerto del Carmen

The simplest way is by foot and as so much is nearby it is often the best solution. If you wish to go a little further, say from the Los Pocillos are to the Old Town Harbour for a meal and a drink then a taxi is the most convenient. You can phone for a taxi in Puerto del Carmen on 0044 928 524 220. Just tell them where you are and where you want to go and what time you wish to leave, the taxi will be waiting outside at the agreed time.
Another great form of transport around Puerto del Carmen is by bicycle. You can hire normal or electric bikes and there is a bicycle path the full length of the beach road. The bike route continues North all along the coast past the airport and on to the capital of Arrecife. This is a great route to cycle and passes some lovey sites and beaches.
You can also catch a bus along the beach road and back.

Night Life Guide to Puerto del Carmen

If you want to party in Lanzarote then Puerto del Carmen is the place. There are many late night music bars and several clubs. The main concentration of places to party are in the area from Playa Grande up to the Casino. Centro Commercial Atlantico is a good place to start. This is a small area just off the beach road with loads of bars with music and drinks offers. Atlantico stays open late and if you wish to carry on there are some discos just nearby.
If you like bigger party bars then you will find some a little further south from Atlantico along the beach road.

Guide to all the areas in Puerto del Carmen from South to North

Each of the following areas has a different ambience and appeals to different people. Get to know each and find the place that best suits you. There is something for everyone whether that be single visitors looking for nightlife, families and the more elderly.

Old Town Harbour

The South end of town is where the original fishing harbour is located. This is the seed from which Puerto del Carmen first grew. Sheltered by a hill on the inland side this picturesque harbour has great character. Some lovely bars and restaurants lay adjacent to the water and moored boats with great views and ambience. Every Friday morning from 10am to 2pm there is a lovely little market. Perched on the inland hills is some lovely holiday accommodation on small complexes and private villas.
The advantages of booking holiday accommodation in the Old Town area of Puerto del Carmen is being adjacent to all the lovely bars and eateries. The disadvantages are the closest beach is Playa Chica which is at least a ten minute walk away. The next closest beach is Playa Grande which is a fifteen minute walk. Shops and supermarkets are closer, there is even a Lidl.


Heading North along the coast from the Old Town Harbour is the are known as Fariones because of the Fariones Hotel located here. You will see the most southerly beach of Playa Chica. This is a real hidden gem of a beach. Super sheltered and framed on each site by two rocky outcrops. To the right is a quay where excursion and dive boats tie up. On the quay side is a lovely restaurant with tables and chairs in the sun presenting marvellous views. Prepare for Playa Chica to give its best surprise when you don a snorkel and mask and look under the water. You will see hundreds of fish swimming calmly close by, its a real delight to take in such a breadth of aquatic life.
Booking your holiday accommodation in the Fariones area means being close to some good shops but the beach is a little further away than other options in Puerto del Carmen. Closest beaches are Playa Chica and Playa Grande.

Playa Grande

Heading further North is Puerto del Carmen’s longest beach called ‘Playa Grande’. The long stretch of golden sand has open clear seas, sun beds to hire and sand to lay your towel on. Just off shore is even an inflatable water park, get a ticket on the beach and swim out. There are paddle boats for hire on the beach too. When you get hungry or thirsty just across the road running along side the beach is a large selection of beach bars and shops.
Holiday rental accommodation is inland up a steep hill. Still close to the beach, here there are mainly apartments on a complex the communal facilities are normally a swimming pool and bar. Shops are close by, larger supermarkets a little further away than other areas.

Central Puerto del Carmen

Sprinkled in the next section North of Playa Grande are a good concentration of small less frequented beaches. In this section there are shops and bars on the beach side of the road. There are some lovely beach front bars with live music, shops and even a casino. The places offering night life are found in this area. Walking a short distance you will find a wide range of different things to do and enjoy.
Accommodation in the central area of Puerto del Carmen is characterised by small apartments on complexes. A few hundred meters inland from the beach are some nice houses that are available for holiday rental.

Playa Los Pocillos

At this location is Puerto del Carmen’s second largest hotel called the San Antonio and another huge beach called ‘Los Pocillos’. The town starts to spread out a little now giving a feeling of more space. Los Pocillos is a large beach not just for its length but also width. On big high tides an inland lagoon forms for fun and safe paddling for some warm water bathing. This area is more exposed to wind, to escape seek out one of the many stone shelters to enjoy the warm sun and far less wind.
Accommodation in this area starts to also get bigger and more spacious with the appearance of more villas.


At the Northern end of the Los Pocillos beach is Matagorda. This is slightly separated and is more spread out giving an open and relaxed feel. Accommodation in Matagorda is larger. There are several nice beach front hotels in this area and lots of villas. This is the closest part of Puerto del Carmen to the airport. There are few nice beaches. The Matagorda shopping precinct is also beach front with lots of nice shops, restaurants and bars.
Matagorda is a more peaceful part of Puerto del Carmen but is a trek from the centre and night life.

Summary Guide to Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen has some of the best and most dependable weather in Lanzarote. Its close to the airport and has lots of nice beaches. There is night life, live music, a Casino and loads to do. It is a busy town if you like that but also with some quieter spots and some real finds that will endear you to this town and keep you coming back year after year.

Puerto del Carmen

The amazing Famara beach at the North end