Crowd factor – Low


Beauty factor – Rugged and pebbly


Sheltered from winds South to North West


Surf factor – Gets some bigger waves


Rips – Be careful when big waves, keep away from right side of beach where water goes back out to see. Rips also form randomly along the beach

Orzola Beach

Orzola beach, also known as ‘Playa de la Canteria’,  is found at the very northern tip of Lanzarote around 300 meters West from the town of Orzola.

This is a quiet beach found along a dirt track. As you approach Orzola along the Northern  coastal road take the right turn into town then the first dirt track on the left. Follow the track for around 5oo meters until you enter the parking area.

The beach consists of a good sized free parking area elevated and facing the sea. Park you car and walk over the stones to the beach. On windy days there are some hand built stone shelters you can sunbathe in.

Behind and to the left of the beach as you look out to see a high impressive cliffs. On the right days paragliders and hang gliders fly here.

Most of the beach shows at lower tides but there should be some sand at high tide.

To the right of the beach are rocks then a wide stretch of sand, a small rocky point and then some more secluded beach. The high tide cuts this part off so be careful.

Beware of dangerous currents especially if the waves are big. If in doubt do not go over waist depth.

Rips move randomly, do not enter the water at the right hand edge of the beach near the rocks as there is generally a bad rip out to sea there.

Up behind the beach is a small windy path with great views over the beach. This path eventually just stops and gets a little dangerous at parts.

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