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Go to Teguise Market this Sunday

Teguise Market

The biggest market in Lanzarote.

Every week on Sunday the  Teguise Market takes place. This is the largest and most visited market in Lanzarote.

The market takes place in the historic old capital.

The town is steeped in Lanzarote history. On a nearby  volcano top is the Castle of Santa Barbara. Life was tough in Teguise. The inhabitants had to hide in the castle when visiting pirates landed on Lanzarote looking for slaves to take to the new world.

The town of Teguise is made up of old cobbled stone roads. Historical houses and a great town Plaza. On Sunday’s not only do you get to visit a great market but also take in the historic beauty of the town.

Getting to Teguise

Taking your hire car is a good option for your journey to the market. Car Parks appear on the day giving lots of parking space for everyone.

Many excursion companies have coaches that will take you from all the island tourist resorts. You can get there by Taxi. Bike excursions go up to Teguise for a more leisurely journey.

The Market

There is loads going on here every Sunday.  You will see South American pan pipe bands, stalls selling a wide variety of products, lots of bars and restaurants selling food and drinks.

The streets of Teguise meander around and are all full of stalls to explore and discover with pedestrian access only.

In the centre is the town square dominated by the old church steeple.

To see it all will take several hours and is well worth the time.

Teguise Market location