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Playa Honda

Kite Surfing in Lanzarote

Consistent Summer time trade winds and waves bring great Kite Surfing conditions to Lanzarote shores.

The key to a great Kite Surfing location is a clean cross on shore wind and large beach with lots of room. Such a beach exists on Lanzarote and is called Famara beach.

There is an allocated Kite Surf area with loads of room especially at lower tides.

Kitesurf Equipment and schools

In the nearby town of Famara there is a large selections of kite surf schools where you can learn the sport or hire equipment. Kit can be hired on a daily basis or longer depending on your needs. Most of the shops are located along the single main road that goes into the town, one more is found on a parrallel road on the left.

Kitesurf Conditions

Conditions suit both the experienced kite surfer and beginners. Everyone is  well catered for with plenty or room to practice and nearby parking. It is best to go out from mid to low tides as little beach is left at high.


Summer trade winds bring consistent kiting conditions. Wind speeds average 20 knots and suit kite sized of eight to ten square meters. Once there are consistent white caps across the sea you are good to go. Wind speeds normally die down at night then pick up throughout the day.

Flat water and waves

In Winter Famara is a surf beach but in Summer the waves are much smaller. For beginners waves make things more difficult. Many experience kiters come to Famara with specialised wave surfing kite equipment. Summer still brings some days with waves as well.

Famara beach for kiting

From the town of Caleta de Famara to the end of the beach, known as Papillos, its 3.5 kilometers. In the busier summer period there is a special kite surf area. To get there you need to drive to the further end of the beach. The zone starts just after the bungalow community built by the beach. Take the beach road up along the right side of these bungalows. Follow it up, left along the top and finally back down to the beach. You will be on a dirt track. When you get back to the beach you can park along the track.

Lanzarote kite surfing overview

Famara is the main beach to kitesurf but not the only one. To the North of Puerto del Carmen just North of Matagorda there can be good conditions in Summer. Arrieta beach can also be good.

Kite Surfing in Lanzarote can be enjoyed by all levels of kitesurfer. Kite Surfers can bring their own equipment or hire it. There are conditions for wave kiting and flat water. Summer has the more consistent conditions but Winter can bring epic wave riding.