Pay at gate

Ample parking


Coach tour

Steam and fire

Timanfaya National Park

The raw volcanic beauty of Timanfaya.


This is one of the must sees in Lanzarote. An area where the most recent volcanic eruptions occurred has another world feel.

Pay at the entrance and drive into a moon like landscape. Park you car and get into a coach. The tour takes you around specially constructed roads. See some amazing craters, lava flows and rocks. Learn about the history of this magical place.

Less than 300 hundred years ago the whole area was erupting for six long years. Previously the Timanfaya area was the most fertile on Lanzarote. Residents had to move away or live in caves to survive this apocalyptic era.

Even now very high temperatures lay just below the surface. On your visit this will be illustrated by steam shooting out of holes and wood catching fire in small holes.

Parque nacional de Timanfaya