Lanzarote’s best Sports

Lanzarote has year round warm temperatures for this reason the island is very good for athletes to train.


There are also great locations and conditions for many other sports.


The summer winds offer world class facilities for Wing Foiling,  windsurfing and kite surfing mainly in the areas of Famara and Costa Teguise.


The cliffs of Famara in winter time create perfect flying conditions for Hang gliding and Paragliding.


The steep continental shelf, Atlantic low pressures and volcanic coastline create reefs that shape Winter swells into perfect waves for surfing.


The endless tracks and changes in landscape attract many Mountain bikers and Enduro motorbike riders.


Great roads and warm weather see hundreds of cyclists keeping in top form whilst riding round the island.


The clear and vibrant seas offer good conditions for Scuba divers and snorkelling.


Lanzarote is a real authentic sports paradise that does no disappoint.



Lanzarote a Location for many Sports Competitions.


Testament to the level and quality of the sporting conditions on offer in Lanzarote are the amount and variety of sports competitions that take place each year.


Wing Foiling and Wind surfing

In Costa Teguise the world championship event is held for Wing Foiling and Wind Surfing. The headland offers spectators great views of all the action. The local bars are busy in the evenings with spectators and competitors.



The wave called ‘San Juan’ near Famara hosts  the WCS surf series competition.

In La Santa the super tubing wave of El Quemao hosts the ‘Quemao Classic’ an invite only contest. This contest has a long waiting period for the very best waves of the winger. A great place to watch amazing surfers in truly amazing tubing waves.



The world famous Iron Man super endurance tri-athlon takes place every year in Lanzarote plus many other triathlons.



All over the island sea swimming races take place through out the year.


Mountain biking

Club La Santa and other Mountain bike clubs create races over some great off road terrain. Many events take place over several days.


Hang Gliding

Each year at the beginning of December is the Zonzamos Hang Gliding club open competition. Hang Glider pilots from all over the world come to take part in this six day competition.

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