Paraglider flying

A flying spot for all wind directions

The Famara cliffs

Lots of easy landings

Good weather

Tandem Paragliding available

Paragliding in Lanzarote

A unique flying experience for Paraglider pilots

Lanzarote has very good flying Winters. Winds are light and air conditions are clear with good levels of instability. A volcanic island has lots of mountains to fly from for all wind directions.

Get a hire car from the airport. Check the weather report. Windguru for Famara is a good source, then select the appropriate site.

Winds in Lanzarote can change quickly and become too fast to fly in. Stay aware of changing weather, look to the distance to see new weather systems. If in doubt land quickly then wait and see. There are some flying sites on the island that are not very forgiving if blown over the back.

Paragliding flying sites on Lanzarote:-

Famara and El Risco

This is the one most pilots come to fly. Take off at the very start of the ridge. Park at the bottom then walk up a little and get in the air. Scratch up the first hill then traverse until on the main cliffs behind Famara beach. Winds are lighter at this end. Once on this section you can keep going along the vertical cliff to Orzola. Confirm wind direction is correct by using the windmill behind the cliffs. Out and return takes about an hour depending on the speed of your glider.


Flying site on cliffs behind Orzola beach in North of Island. Park in beach car park then walk up to take off site. Lay out glider in cleared area and off you go. Soar up the cliffs, fly out over the point and cruise around. Be careful not to get on wrong site of point. Good for NE wind directions


For NE wind directions. Needs lighter winds than Orzola. From here you can go cross country on good days. Drive up to damn and park. Cross damn to take off. If winds a little strong you can go down in front of take off to some cleared areas.

Get up on main hill then traverse to left to get higher. Once up most thermals are along the valley to the left.


South East winds. Top landing options. Normally just ok and for hill soaring. If cumulus forming can get very good. If good can traverse mountain range to left then keep going up to North of island.

Playa Quemada

If winds too strong for Macher this is a good option. See cliff flying. Low take off above first beach then traverse low cliffs to Papagayo and back.


If winds a little strong and in the NNW area this is a good option. Sea cliff site with smooth winds. Found behind Tinajo on small road down to very small group of beach houses.

El Cuchillo

NNE facing escarpment. Can get rough in middle of day. Slope and thermic site. Land well back from hill or in front.