medical health care in lanzarote

Medical Assistance in Lanzarote

General Hospital with UK travel health card

Private Doctors with health insurance



Drink bottle water

Use lots of sun screen


Health Care in Lanzarote

Medical care in lanzarote

Medical care in Lanzarote is something often not considered before a holiday. When the circumstances of needing an English speaking doctor whilst on holiday do arise it can be difficult to know what to do.

Making some preparations before travelling can make this sort of situation far less stressful and also save money.

When on holiday in Lanzarote take a few simple precautions.
Just drink bottled water, not from the tap. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Apply and reapply sun screen, the sun is much more powerful than it seems.
When crossing the roads take extra precaution, remember traffic drives on the right so look left first.

Free health care using the Spanish Medical system

Britain has reciprocal arrangements with Spain allowing tourists to receive free medical health care for treatment that cannot reasonably wait until return to the UK.

Before travelling you need to apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC) or a UK health insurance card (UK EHIC). The newer GHIC card is set to replace the EHIC card. To find out more and apply for these cards visit the NHS website page for ‘getting health care for travelling to Spain from the UK

Each person needs their own card which will relate to their national insurance number. Once you have one of these cards you must bring it with you on holiday and to the hospital or Spanish care system doctor.

The Spanish health care system is very good but remember that they will mainly speak Spanish. You will need to either book an appointment with a Spanish health care doctors surgery or go to the emergency reception at the hospital in Arrecife.

The emergency phone number for Ambulance, police or fire in Spain is 112

The general hospital in Lanzarote is located in Arrecife. It is called ‘Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa de Lanzarote’. On arrival go to the front desk and let them know the situation. Telephone 928 81 23 50

Health care in Lanzarote using holiday medical insurance

Holiday health care insurance is often the recommended option. Once you have medical insurance you can go to any surgery, that your policy covers, and receive health care quickly. Private medical clinics in Lanzarote will almost always speak English and be able to put your mind at ease straight away.

The UK’s GHIC or EHIC cards will not cover all issues or flights home, hotels for lengthened stays or so many other unforeseen eventualities.

With medical insurance you can put your mind at ease and receive assistance in English.

In all the tourist resorts on Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise in there are private medical health clinics you can visit and see a doctor almost straight away.

If you fall ill, need ongoing treatment or have an accident and want to get medical health care in Lanzarote. We recommend the British Surgery of Lanzarote located in Puerto del Carmen. Doctor Median and his English speaking staff will help you quickly with their high quality patient service.
The British Surgery is located on the main beach road near the San Antonio Hotel. Exact address is Avenida de la Playas 67. Telephone on 928 51 42 74.

Remember to bring you holiday insurance policy to your appointments with all the private health surgeries on Lanzarote.