Windsurfing Lanzarote

Main locations

Costa Teguise

Jameos del Agua

Playa Honda

Windsurfing in Lanzarote

Las Cucharas in Lanzarote serves up some of the best Windsurfing conditions in Europe.

Windsurfers from across Europe arrive in Lanzarote for the consistent winds and waves found in Costa Teguise and Jameos del Agua.

Windsurfing Spots in Lanzarote

Playa Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise:

This is by far the most popular spot in Lanzarote. Located in the main beach of Costa Teguise. Surrounding the beach are lots of shops, bars, restaurants and surf and wind surf shops. There is ample opportunity to hire a windsurfer. Many people just arrive on the island with just a wetsuit then hire the rest of the kit at the beach. The start point in the Las Cucharas bay is a little sheltered from the wind. Navigating to the outer windy areas can be tricky in the gusty winds. Once outside the bay there are amazing strong winds and a large wave can break.

Every year the Windsurf World Tour has a stop off here.

Jameos del Agua

Located along the North East Coast this is a wave riders paradise. More technical and advanced than Costa Teguise. Is a reef break close to shore at times. Getting in and out is a little tricky. Park at the top behind the tourist part of Jameos del Agua. Walk you kit down and set up by the water.

Left breaking wave, fast and powerful. Very fun when you get it right.


Windsurf Hire in Lanzarote

Windsurf boards and sails are large and impractical to travel with. Windsurfers arriving in Lanzarote can hire sails and boards at a hire shop. In the Las Cucharas area of Costa Teguise there are plenty of hire shops to chose from. The kit is of a high standard and prices are keen.