Blind white crabs

White swimming pool

Underground lake


Concert hall


Ample parking

Entrance fee

Jameos del Agua

Beautifully sculpted end section of the world’s longest lava tube.

Many kilometres away is the start of a lava tube created by the eruption from the Montana del Corona. The lava tube makes its way underground to the location of ‘Jameos del Agua’ and the sea. A lava tube that has its roof fall in is called a Jameos. The tube starts over 6km away and 1.5km of this is below sea level. The same tube has created both the Jameos  del Agua and another extensive cave attraction called ‘Cueva de los Verdes’.

Cesar Manrique saw the beauty in this spot and enhance it with lots of features including a below sea level salt lake, gardens, sapphire blue pool, museum, steps, terraces, restaurant and even a concert hall.

There is a lake with the worlds only albino blind crabs or ‘squat lobsters’.  They are only 1 cm long and are very sensitive. Any changes in noise or light in their lagoon can have dramatic effects on their survival. Even coins cannot be thrown into the water because of oxide poisoning.

This is an Lanzarote tourist attraction that should not be missed.

During the day there is an entrance fee to the Jameos and restaurant. Walk around and be impressed by this amazing feature where once flowed molten hot lava.

On special evenings the restaurant is also opened plus there are concerts in the concert hall.

Jameos del Agua