Charco del Palo to Arrieta coastline walk

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Charco del Palo to Arrieta coastline walk

This is a great Lanzarote coastline walk in a part of the island that few people see.

Walk details:-
Distance along coast – 7 kilometres
Time – 2 hours
Car necessary
Lunch at end
Car places at end to drive you back or walk back

This is an easy walk across sand and flattened rocky surfaces. Finding your way is also simple as you just follow the coastline to destination.


If you do not want to make the return walk and you have more than one car in your group a good idea is to park a car at walks end then drive back to the start.


Walk route.
Drive to Charco del Palo and park at the North end of the town.
Make you way towards the coast and find the worn coastal path.
Once on the walk way just follow along. On the way there are some great sites to look out for.

After around 3 kilometres there is a lovely little rock lagoon perfect for a swim. See the video for a good idea of how it looks.
Just after the rock pool there are some interesting blow holes. When there are some waves coming in from the North, normally in winter or if there are strong winds, you will see the blow holes. Even from a distance you will hear and see strong vertical jets of water periodically shooting into the air. These are underwater caves on the coastline, when waves hit the caves the water shoots inside and escapes up the narrow gaps in the rocks. The focusing of the wave and water energy is reflected upwards by the cracks in the rock making a geezer type water jet. You can approach and take a closer look but be prepared for a surprise and the next waves hits.


Carry on along the coast past a nice little rocky bay or two. You will even find a water side swimming pool hidden away. The coastline and path curves along and rises up a little giving some nice views out to sea and along the coast to Arrieta.
Soon you will see a water side cottage made from rocks and soon after the beach or Arrieta better known as Playa Garita.


You are now approaching walks end and can decide on where to take some well earned refreshments and lunch. In the middle of the beach is ‘La Casa de la Playa’ and lovely water front restaurant with good service and food. They serve traditional Lanzarote cuisine and specialise in fish, its also fine just to sit and have a few drinks. Further along the beach is ‘El Chiringuito’. This is more of a snack and tapas bar again close to the beach.


After lunch you could relax on the beach, have a quick swim, drive or walk back to the start.


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