Crowd factor – low


Beauty factor – Some of the best beaches on Lanzarote


Sheltered from certain Winds


Surf factor – None


Rips – None


Local facilities – On the whole bring your own food and drink. There is a cafe overlooking Papagayo beach.


Access – Parking in car parks adjacent to beaches

Papagayo beaches

The Papagayo beaches are widely recognised as the most beautiful on Lanzarote.

In total there are six beaches at Papagayo.

Each beach has amazing white sand and clear blue water. Sheltered from the Lanzarote prevailing winds, Papagayo is always a treat. You can sunbath, walk, swim, snorkel and relax.

Sea conditions are normally pretty safe, beware if there are large waves and currents often accompany them.

To get to the beaches you drive along a track off a roundabout just outside Playa Blanca. The beaches are in a national park and a small entrance fee needs to be paid.

Once you pay at the cabina continue driving along the track. If you take the first turn off the track you will arrive at the car park for Playa Mujeres.

Each sequential beach in the Papagayo location is listed below. Continue driving and the last beach to the right side is the best known ‘Playa del Papagayo’. Its a very picturesque and sheltered beach with a couple of bar/restaurants perched on the hill overlooking it. Playa del Papagayo is normally the busiest beach. Explore some of the other beaches if you wish to find somewhere a little quieter and that appeals to you own requirements.

Remember to bring lots of suncream and  water as there are no regular shops nearby.

Playa Mujeres

This is one of the largest beaches with plenty of room to find a spot to yourself and enjoy the fantastic sand and clear sea water.

Playa del Pozo

The next beach is Playa del Pozo. This is a long beach probably quieter than Playa Mujeres

Playa de la Cera

This is a small secluded beach in a very sheltered spot.

Playa del Papagayo

This  is the most well known beach that features in the image above. The beach is very sheltered from winds. There is a lovely beach cafe perched up on the rock with amazing views and good food. Parking is at the top and then you walk down to the beach.

Playa Caleta del Congrio

Whilst all the other beaches face South West this beach looks to the South East.

Playa Puerto Muelas

The faces the same way as the previous beach and often has very few people.

Papagayo beaches