Crowd factor – low

Beauty factor – black beach and some dark sand.


Sheltered from some Winds


Surf factor – None


Rips – None


Local facilities – All facilities back in the village.


Access – Parking in village then walk to beach.

Playa Quemada

Visiting Playa Quemada is like going back in time to a more peaceful era.

This sleepy little sea front town is very relaxed and picturesque. There are some really nice sea front bars and restaurants. The beach is accessed at lower tides by walking across the first pebble beach in the picture or at higher tides over the top of the cliffs.

The beach itself is black sand. The water can be clear. Entry to the water is over some shallow rocks but ok.

The beach is a few hundred meters long with a low crowd factor.

All the facilities are back in the small village so bring some food and water with you.

The whole area has lots of great walks with very few people.

Playa Quemada, Yaiza