Every Sunday

Farmers Market

From 9am to 2pm

Local Produce

Mancha Blanca Market

Market in Mancha Blanca

Farmers Market in Mancha Blanca.

If you want to get right into the root of the Lanzarote traditional culture then the Mancha Blanca Market on Sunday morning is a must see.

Very old traditional market selling local produce. Great selection of cheeses, fruits and vegetables all grown here on Lanzarote. Meet some great characters and practice your Spanish.

Local bars for tapas. Traditional church and historic location of Lanzarote with real relevance to the history of the island

Plenty of parking and very easy access.

Located towards the North of Tinajo. This market has existed for hundreds of years. Historically was a place where different villages around Lanzarote exchanged and sold their wares. The fishing villages like La Santa and Famara would come looking for vegetables with Farming areas like La Vegueta.

Once a year Lanzarote’s oldest fiesta is also held in the huge town square. Known as the Romeria. People from all over Lanzarote would take the whole day to walk to Mancha Blanca, having fun and drinking all the way. An important cultural event to renew friendships and get to know people from other areas on the island.

Mancha Blanca Market