Crowd factor – Medium and low during the week

Beauty factor – Nice sand and palm trees.


Sheltered from winds


Surf factor – No waves


Rips – None


Local facilities – Loads of local facilities


Access – Via road running along the beach, Parking under the Grand Hotel.

Playa El Reducto, Arrecife

Beautiful under rated beach in Arrecife.


Playa El Reducto is found in the very centre of Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote.

The beach is best enjoyed at high tide when the water laps up against the light yellow sand. At lower tides a smooth rocky bottom is revealed.

The water is relatively clear and swimming is safe due to the beaches sheltered location.

The sand part of the beach is very pretty with palm trees offering some shade.

Nearby is all the Arrecife has to offer. Next to the beach are plenty of facilities for food, drinks and relaxing.

Arrecife residents get the most use out of the beach. During the week it is relatively quiet and very relaxing.

At the Southern end of the beach is a park with swing, skate park, grass fields and a long promenade stretching all the way to Puerto del Carmen

Playa El Reducto, Arrecife.