Lanzarote Weather

Summer winds cool the island

Low to no winds in Winter keep things warmer

Summer more windy

Winter More Waves

House do not need heating are air conditioning

What’s the weather like in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a year round self regulating good climate

Lanzarote year round good weather:-

Lanzarote has a good year round climate. The weather is regulated by local winds that keep the temperatures comfortable all year. The weather in Lanzarote is so good that most houses do not have air conditioning or heating due to the even year round temperature.

In fact there are few places in the whole world that can boast the houses needing neither cooling or heating systems. Many people that suffer from weather or atmospheric health conditions move to Lanzarote.

Lanzarote has two main weather seasons of Summer and Winter. The change in seasonal weather is not very dramatic and the time of year this happens can vary by a few weeks.

Summer weather in Lanzarote:

Summer trade winds cool the island. The prevailing wind direction is from the North East. The average wind speed in summer is around 17kmh in exposed areas. The month with most wind is July. Towns and beaches that face towards an Easterly or South Easterly direction will feel almost no wind.
Lanzarote average temperature in Summer is a comfortable 26 degrees centigrade.

Winter weather in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote average day time winter temperature is 20 degrees centigrade. The winter temperatures keep warm because the wind speeds become low and the skies more clear than in summer.
The clear winter skies in Lanzarote allow the sun to shine through and keep everyone warm and comfortable.

Lanzarote sea temperatures:

Sea temperatures normally trail average air temperatures by a few months. The warmest air temperatures in Lanzarote are in August and the warmest sea temperatures are in October to November. The sea temperature in Lanzarote reaches a maximum of just over 24 degrees centigrade.
The coldest sea temperature in Lanzarote is in March going down to around 18 degrees centigrade.

The sea in summer is warm enough to let you stay in and swim for as long as you wish. The cold of the sea will not drive you back to shore.

The coldest sea temperatures in Lanzarote still remains warmer than the warmest sea temperature in the UK. The warmest the sea gets in the UK is around 17 degrees centigrade. The coldest the sea gets in lanzarote is 18 degrees centigrade and that is in March.

Weather in Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen enjoys some of the very best weather in all of Lanzarote.

Prevailing winds in Lanzarote come from the North East so Puerto del Carmen is sheltered from that wind direction. Any bad weather that may come to Lanzarote has its biggest effect on the West Coast of the island. By the time and clouds or rain reach Puerto del Carmen they have normally run their course.

Lanzarote also has local micro climates across the island. Local weather and wind patterns are caused by nearby volcanoes channeling winds and weather. Weather, and especially wind, can vary greatly from one area to another.
The local micro climate of Puerto del Carmen creates good and dependable weather in this part of Lanzarote with low winds and sunshine. In summer or winter Puerto del Carmen continues to enjoy excellent weather.

Weather in Costa Teguise

The weather in Costa Teguise is very similar to Puerto del Carmen on the beaches and inland.

Costa Teguise faces a little more to the North than Puerto del Carmen. Out to sea there is more wind at this location thus its popularity with wing foilers and wind surfers.

The local climate and inland topography of Costa Teguise create a thermic wind in Summer. This wind is not noticeable from any of the beaches.

On average Costa Teguise is a little cooler than Puerto del Carman.

Weather in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a at the Southern tip of Lanzarote so is sheltered from the prevailing Northerly winds. The most sheltered beaches are the Papagayo beaches on the Eastern border of Playa Blanca are very sheltered and face into the sun.
Playa Blanca has great weather all year round. Most of the clouds or even rain get dissipated on the North West of Lanzarote. By the time any weather arrives in Playa Blanca the skies normally clear.

Weather in Famara

The weather in Famara is very different in Summer and Winter.

Summer in Famara can be windy, creating ideal conditions for Kite surfing. If you want to sun bathe on Famara beach you can take refuge from the wind in the small shelters other have built from the boulders. Once in the shelter if there is sun you will be warm.

Winter in Famara is the time of low winds, clear skies and surf. The best time of year in Famara for weather and waves is October, November and December. The weather is still plenty warm enough to sun bath and the sea is warm.

Weather for Sports in Lanzarote

Winter is the time for surfing in Lanzarote. Winter storms that track from Florida to the North Sea along the Gulf Stream create waves that break on the West coast of Lanzarote.

Summer is the time for wind typed sea sports like wing foiling, kite surfing and wind surfing. This is the time of year when the North Easterly trade winds set in. These are reliable winds averaging 20kmh from July to the end of August.